Respite Services


Respite Services is for families with a child/children who have a developmental disability and may have a physical disability or other special needs as well. Short term care and accommodation gives the family occasional periods of planned respite. CLOC employees support the children to develop relationships, skills and social roles, which promote the child’s effective participation in their community.

The home is a wheelchair accessible bungalow with a fully fenced yard, located near parks, greenbelt, recreation centre and shopping.

We are equipped to meet a variety of complex care needs, but the child must not require one- on-one support or the full-time attendance of a nurse or physician.


Application and Intake

The initial application for Respite Care is made through our Referral process.


Admission Priorities

Families who wish to access this out of home respite service on a regular basis will be provided respite on a rotational basis approximately every 8 weeks.


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