Mission and Vision



CLOC is a charitable organization offering opportunities for personal growth, community inclusion and empowerment to people with developmental disabilities, and their families.



CLOC’s vision is for people with developmental disabilities to be included in a community where everyone lives, works, participates, succeeds and flourishes.


We Believe in:

•Choice/Self Determination – people have meaningful inclusion in the decision-making process as to what supports will be provided, and their wishes/choices must direct the planning process

•Rights/Dignity – all people with a developmental disability are respected for their human worth and dignity, are ensured the same rights and responsibilities of other community members

•Equal Access to Services – people have equal access to services based upon needs

•Freedom from Abuse and Neglect – people are safe both within and outside the service delivery system

•Enhanced and Strengthened Natural/Informal Supports – families and social networks of those with disabilities are supported and respected. People with disabilities should not become disconnected from family, friends and community as a result of their disability. Loving families and caring social networks are important factors in ensuring healthy well adjusted and community connected people with developmental disabilities.

•Collaboration – collaboration between our association, our staff and ministries from which we receive funding are key factors in realizing the service principles of coordinated services and best use of resources


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