Day Services


Day Services

Community Living Oshawa/Clarington’s goal is to promote a community where everyone belongs and to provide the necessary tools and supports to make this a reality.


Community Participation Services

CLOC Connections

Current day services available at the Community Connection Centers, located in Oshawa and Clarington provide daily activities and services for adults with developmental disabilities.

While attending the Centers people have opportunities to be engaged in a variety of activities depending on their interests.  The goal is to provide a supportive atmosphere that engages people in their community, and fosters learning and purpose.


The Community Connection Centers provides opportunities for people to:

•Attend community events such as fairs, Fiesta celebrations, plays, hockey games, curling matches, and other events of interest Volunteer in the community (ie Oshawa adopt-a-park program)

•Get involved with in-house activities such as reading, playing games, crafts, going for walks and gardening

•Participate in Parks/Recreational programs, aqua-fit, swimming and other exercise programs Attend educational seminars on many topics such as health issues, safety  in the home and community, relationship skills, and rights awareness

•Learn in areas such as literacy, novel studies, cooking, and crafts

•Celebrations and parties for themes and seasons

•Connect to their community through a variety of options and resources


Supports are designed based on the values in Person Centered Planning. Natural supports are put in place wherever possible.


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