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Q&A About the NEW King Street location


I hear some moves are scheduled for the end of March, including the opening of King Street. What happens if moves are delayed?

Each person’s plan is different and would need to be adjusted to respond to their individual situations. Their teams and families would be a part of this process.  It is our hope that the new location is ready for the end of March, but as the construction process unfolds we may need to adjust plans.  In regard to new staffing/postings, if an employee is hired into a position and the King Street location is not ready to open or person has not yet moved, we will develop a transition plan that responds to training, getting to know the person and their needs, setting up files, shadowing and observation, etc.

Update as of April 3, 2018:   CLOC now anticipates that occupancy of the King Street location will take place at the end of April.  Move in to the location will begin approximately one week after CLOC receives occupancy.


How many people will be living at King Street?

Six people will be living at King Street, in 4 different living areas.


Where did the funding come from to support the 6 new people?

They are funded through new money specifically targeted to support people in urgent need for residential services by MCSS – Multi Year Residential Funding – and will therefore come off the Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) wait list.


How is my location changing?

While several locations will be involved in the overall reorganization, many are not. Each team that is involved in this initiative will be met with to engage them in the planning and transition processes as soon as we able to communicate with certainty in regard to next steps. Please talk to your supervisor should you have any questions about your location or position in particular.


If CLOC has all this money why are they not giving me a raise?

The funding that CLOC is receiving through this initiative is coming with specific guidelines targeted to staffing, renovations and operating costs related to this expansion. This will increase our staffing compliment, but will not address other agency budgetary pressures, such as wage increases.


How is it determined who is moving?

There are many factors that are considered during a planning process like this.  When determining who is involved in this reorganization plan, we considered the changing needs of the people, including environmental needs (accessibility), and staff resources (staffing levels needed).  We also consider compatibility of housemates.  CLOC is committed to the health, safety, security, and well being of people receiving support.  We are also committed to maintaining the quality of support provided, which falls in line with the level of support needed.  Choice, self determination and personal wishes are a part of this process.  That is why it is important to engage people in the exploration of options and participation in  planning.


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